Meet the Leadership

Arjun Gangakhedkar | Evan Batov | Nikhil Naik


Arjun Gangakhedkar



Arjun Gangakhedkar helps high school students around the nation explore the opportunities around them. A first-generation immigrant, Arjun was born in Paris, France and immigrated with his family to Wisconsin. Arjun eventually moved to Houston, Texas, where he currently resides. With his global perspective, Arjun aims to teach his peers how to create and leverage opportunities in international business and finance.

Founder and editor-in-chief of the National High School Journal of Finance, Arjun is a high school senior in Houston, Texas, and has been directly involved in all phases and functions of NHSJF’s inception in May 2016. He is the recipient of numerous awards as a Business Professionals of America (BPA) National Champion and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) State Finalist. He is currently an active volunteer at the Harvard University/United Nations International Economic Alliance (IEA) and is an active board member at Leaders Investment Club (LIC), an investment group created for like-minded student leaders and financial innovators.

An active suicide prevention advocate, Arjun is a student ambassador for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, where he works to integrate suicide prevention measures and instill mental health awareness in school districts and communities in Southeast Texas. He is currently working with a Duke University Hackathon team to integrate a social media suicide risk-detection program into public school systems.

In an intergenerational context, Arjun is collaborating with leaders in institutional investments, politics, private equity, and even professional basketball to bridge resources for the better of both generations. A peer mentor and strong believer in personal skill development, Arjun makes a multifaceted commitment to leveraging and strengthening opportunities for his peers. Whether in business or in community work, he has always made passionate attempts to tackle big problems and find transformative, innovative solutions.

Arjun is an avid tennis player, basketball fan, peer mentor, and – above all – problem solver.

Evan Batov



Evan Batov is the editor-in-chief of the National High School Journal of Finance. Evan is a high school senior in New York City, New York. Being involved in the realms of business, finance, and politics, he seeks to combine these interests and undertakes several leadership roles in national organizations.

He is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Youth for National Change, the Northeast Regional Director at Young Democrats of America High School Caucus (YDAHSC), and the New York State Director for the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council (CPYC). He is also currently the CEO and founder of an online mentorship service for high school students interested in STEM called Lab for Us, as he found that many around him have trouble with jump-starting their career in STEM and research-related fields. Above all, Evan is an activist: while taking part in his city and state government, he also works with a variety of nonprofits, including the American Red Cross, Key Club International and the High School Democrats of America – to name a few. Evan has received the opportunity to present at several speaking engagements and advocate for different opportunities for teens and youth at the local and regional levels. He is an avid musician, reader and – above all – learner.

Nikhil Naik


Nikhil is the Technical Director of the National High School Journal of Finance. He is a senior in Rockaway, New Jersey. Nikhil is passionate about business and economics and involves himself in many leadership organizations across the country. He has served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for the Young Democrats of America, the NJ District 12 Director for the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council, and as the General Assembly Coordinator for the Campaign for a NJ Gubernatorial Youth Council. Through these mediums, Nikhil has been able to enact change. When it comes to finance, Nikhil is an active member of both DECA and FBLA and has been a state finalist and national qualifier in these events. However, Nikhil is most proud of his work with non-profits to send clothing and resources to the many impoverished parts of India. He enjoys reading, watching basketball and running. Above all else, Nikhil looks for new and interesting opportunities to empower youth.